Howdy y’all,

My name is Anthony Paradis. Professionally I am a registered dietitian, Direct of Sports Nutrition at Tennesee Tech University, and I also teach nutrition courses in the College of Human Ecology. Here is my curriculum vitae.

When I’m not at the university I’m working toward self improvement and enjoying life. I’m an avid backpacker and a student of bush-craft. I’ve competed in power lifting, physique competitions, and foot races.

I like to express myself artistically in my wood shop, on a painting canvass, or through digital media. I’m a nerd for science, gardening, and dungeons and dragons. I’m not good at dancing or singing but I do it all the time anyways.

I currently live by myself in Cookeville, TN where I can be close to the mountains and trees.

You can contact me for consulting with your personal fitness and health goals, nutrition systems for your sports team or university, company, or your next outdoor adventure in the navigation menu on this site.