Nutrition Resources

Below are nutrition resources I’ve created over the years for my clients. Including my Transformation Accelerator nutrition video series and e-book (used to be private for paying clients only, but now you have access to it).


Transformation Accelerator Playlist– 28 videos on everything you need to know from goal setting, grocery shopping, meal prep, building muscle and losing fat. It’s all here.

Lean and Strong in 30 Days– a PDF copy of my 169 page e-book on nutrition for health and fat loss. Also includes a training and stretching guide.

1200 calorie meal plan– meal examples and samples for a 1200 calorie diet

1800 calorie meal plan for college students– cheap foods and easy recipes for 1800 calories

2400 calorie meal plan– this is one I made for myself a while ago

Healthy grocery list– whole foods focused grocery list. Includes every food group.

Goal setting worksheet– keep yourself accountable and focused

Fat loss food pyramid– general guidelines for losing fat. Pin this to your fridge.

Athlete’s nutrition guide– a little booklet I put together for my college athletes here at Tennessee Tech University

Football weight gain guide– booklet for gaining weight and muscle for sports

If you want me to write you a personalized program complete with nutrition and training coaching, check out my services page and contact me to get started.

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