Nutrition Internship Opportunities

Tennessee Tech Sports Nutrition Internship  

Rotations and Focuses

Total= 4-8-week rotation 


Must have at least 1 of the following for access to full internship 

  • Dietetic intern in a DPD internship 
  • Current RDN looking for more sports nutrition experience  
  • Strength & conditioning intern, or certified strength coach looking for nutrition experience 
  • Pursuing degree or interning in related field (up to program director’s discursion) 
  • *if you do not meet the above requirements, please contact us as we often need volunteers* 


  • Prompt, professional, and courteous  
  • Self-interest in nutrition and physical self-improvement: a passion for the field  
  • Self-driven and ambitious  

Opportunities and learning objectives 

  • Assess and prescribe nutrition programs for athletes and general population 
  • Use of supplements and functional foods for sport 
  • Public speaking opportunities  
  • Specialization in 1-2 team sports at TnTech 
  • Business development and strategies for private practice  
  • Nutrition program development for teams 
  • Working with coaches and athletes in group and 1 on 1 settings 
  • Nutrition workshops including meal planning, food prep, grocery store tours 
  • Letter of recommendation based upon merit and completion of internship 
  • Certificate of recognition after completion of internship 

Want more insight? We also have a video sneak peak of one of our interns recapping the week during one of our internship rotations here: 

About Anthony Paradis, Director of Sports Nutrition.  

“I came to TnTech from private practice in sports nutrition to develop the sports nutrition program here for the Golden Eagles. Having the split position, between teaching nutrition in the college of Human Ecology and sports dietitian with Athletics, has given me a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive sports nutrition internship. I have a passion for working with students and continuing education. You can see more about my background here. Thank you for considering a rotation with our program and we look forward to hearing from you!” 

The next step 

  1. Contact me through our contact page. Put “sports nutrition internship” in the description. In the email please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you hope to get out of this internship experience.  
  2. We will contact you to work out the details and set a start date.  
  3. If you have an internship director, we will contact him or her customize our rotations to meet your internship needs.  
  4. Start and complete your sports nutrition internship!  

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