Bring in the New Year

Hello 2021, it’s time for a new year! With this new year around the corner people create goals to better themselves. One of the most common goals that people create for themselves is exercising and dieting. With the goal of dieting people often resort to fad dieting. (fad dieting is a trendy weight loss plan that promises dramatic results.) 

Reasons why New Year’s Goals often fail:

·      Busy schedule 

·      No accountability 

·      Lack of motivation 

·      Over-commit to what we want accomplished 

·      Unrealistic goals 

People do not fully achieve their resolution goals due to making a last-minute decision while the clock is counting down to midnight. Typically, the long-term process that is required to sustain these goals is not planned out. This New Year’s make sustainable and achievable goals by using SMART goals. 

Start out by making SMART goals.

S= Specific 

M= Measurable 

A= Attainable  

R= Relevant 

T= Time- based 


–       What do I want to accomplish?

–       Why is this goal important?

–       Who is involved?

–       Where is it located?

–       Which resources or limits are involved?


–       How much?

–       How many?

–       How will you know when it is accomplished? 


–       How will I accomplish this goal?

–       How realistic is the goal based on other constraints?


–       Is this the right time?

–       Is this worthwhile?

–       Am I the right person to reach this goal?


–       When? 

–       What can I do six months from now?

–       What can I do today?

–       What can I do two months from now?

Example of New Year’s goals: 

1.     Eat a wide variety of foods 

Challenge yourself to enjoy foods you would normally not allow yourself to eat. There is no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. Focus on incorporating a lifestyle change instead of falling into the trend of a quick-fix diet. Fad diets are not sustainable. 

2.     Take care of yourself

Practice exercises that can help manage stress. Some of these could include journaling, yoga, hiking, walking, mediating, etc. 

3.     Get an adequate amount of sleep each night 

Getting a good amount of sleep each night can lead to an overall better physical and mental health. Also, it can help strengthen your immune system and can have an overall improved mood. 

4.     Don’t compare yourself to others and ditch the negative self-talk

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other people on social media, then delete/hide those accounts. Fill your social media page with people who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. 

5.     Start small 

Create simple goals. For example, hold a plank, do a push up, do a pull up, be able to run a 5k, etc. 

6.     Drink more water

Drinking more water can help with clearer skin, feeling more energized, and weight loss. Bring a water bottle to work and order water while eating out will help you to achieve this goal. 

7.     Walk more 

Instead of taking the elevator, choose to take the stairs. Take your dog out for longer walks. Every bit counts and walking is great for exercise. 

8.     Try going to a fitness class

If you struggle working out alone, this can be a great way to hold yourself accountable and it is a great way to meet fitness friends!

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