5 Tips to Increase Your Protein Intake

It is easy to consume refined carbohydrates and fats when eating the typical American diet, but it is not so easy to get adequate protein. Protein is responsible for muscle growth and repair, nutrient transport throughout the body, and immune health, just to name a few of its functions. Below you will find easy tips to help you increase your protein intake.

  1. Mix plain Greek yogurt with powdered peanut butter, jelly, or vanilla extract. Spread over pancakes, toast, or eat with fruit and granola.
  2. Use cow’s milk instead of almond milk or oat milk. Almond milk and oat milk are very low in calories and protein. If you are lactose intolerant, try soy milk instead. Soy milk has 7g of protein per cup!
  3. Add hard boiled egg, deli meat, cheese, edamame, or tofu to your salads.
  4. Make or buy snack packs. Snack packs can include nuts, seeds, jerky, deli meat, cheese cubes, or hard-boiled egg. Pair snack packs with a fresh piece of fruit, veggie sticks, and whole grain crackers to create a balanced meal!
  5. Buy a blender! This tip may seem odd, but smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get a protein-packed meal. Add whey or plant-based protein to any of your favorite smoothies for added protein.

Tips for Increasing Protein When Eating Out

  1. Add extra meat and beans to your burrito bowls.
  2. Add meat, egg, or tofu to your salads.
  3. Go for grilled meat instead of breaded or fried whenever possible.
  4. If caught on the road with no protein, get cheese sticks, jerky, milk, or yogurt cups from the gas station.

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