5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

  1. Move!

Complete some sort of physical activity. This could be a walk, run, or lifting session. Get the whole family involved. Set a timer for 60 minutes and get active!

2. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Many people will skip breakfast to save calories for the big lunch or dinner. This may lead to overindulging when that time comes. Eat a balanced breakfast just like you would every other day. Make sure to include color from fruits and vegetables.  

3. Use the Plate Method

Remember, ¼ of your plate should come from protein, ¼ should come from starchy carbohydrates, and ½ of your plate should be plants. Sticking to this will allow you to still enjoy everything you want but keep your portions under control.

4. Eat Slowly

Leave your phone in your pocket and engage in conversation as you eat Thanksgiving dinner. Chew your food completely before swallowing and really enjoy each bite!

5. Limit Alcohol

It is okay to consume alcohol but try and keep it to 1-2 drinks. Consume plenty of water throughout the day and remember that alcohol calories add up quickly

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