Best Places to Workout in Cookeville

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand to maintain optimal health. Nutrition and exercise assist in maintaining physical health, mental health, improved mood, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, promote weight loss or prevent weight gain, and enhance the quality of sleep. Calories and nutrients are essential to fuel the body before exercise, replenish the body after exercise, and to feel better overall. Incorporating proper nutrition and physical activity into your daily routine is critical for staying healthy at any age. 

Workout Anytime 

-Open 24/7 

-Free weights & cardio 

-Hydro massage beds 

-Tanning beds 

-Personal training 

-Group classes

-Free trial 

-Styku 3-D Scanner 

-Multiple locations 


CrossFit Mayhem 

-Group fitness classes

-Sports team training

-Youth group fitness classes

-Open gym

-Online programming platform

-Coffee shop

Burnett Fitness Center (TTU)  

-Great for TTU students/ TTU alumni/ TTU Faculty/Staff 


-Group classes  

-Weight room, cardio room, track, gym, racquet ball courts, climbing wall 

-Rental equipment options: (biking, camping, kayaking, etc) 


Cane Creek Park 


-Outdoor workout 

-Paved walking/jogging paths 

-Biking trails 

 -Climbing walls 

Planet Fitness 

-Open 24/7

-Hydro massage 


-Group classes 

-Multiple locations 

-Cardio/ strength equipment 

-Free fitness training 


Fitness Master 

-Racquet ball courts 



-Aerobic Room 

-Functional fitness area 

-Open 24/7 

-Personal Training 

Dogwood Park 


-Outdoor workout 

-Paved walking/ jogging paths 

Absolute Fitness 


Group fitness classes 


Cardio/ strength training equipment

Child care 

Personal Training 

Tips for Choosing a Gym

A gym is not necessary to work out, but many prefer the gym environment. Choosing a gym can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to help choose the best fit.

Tip 1:

  •  Make a list of your “must haves” in the gym and determine if that gym fits your list. 

Tip 2:

  •  Browse social media and check out their website to see if it best fits you. 

Tip 3:

  • See if that gym offers a free trial pass. Signing up for a free trial can help determine if that gym is the best before signing a contract. 

Tip 4:

  • Determine all of the details. See if there are discounts, group classes, tanning beds, massages, etc. Make sure the equipment fits your work out style.

Tip 5:

  • Determine if the location best suits your lifestyle. Maybe you want to hit the gym on lunch break, before work, or after work. Determine if that gym is going to fit the commute you will make  

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