Snack Smarter in 3 Easy Steps

Do you ever find yourself hungry throughout the day with nothing on hand to satisfy your need? Often, this sends you directly to the nearest vending machine filled with less than ideal options or the fast food restaurant next to the office. Unfortunately, thoughtless snacking like this throughout the day can lead to undesirable results. Continue reading to learn how to prepare yourself for when hunger strikes.

Pre-Portion Snacks

The easiest option is to purchase pre-portioned snacks; however, you can also set aside time to prepare your own portioned snacks. Keep these snacks in a basket in your office, or if your work from home, keep them in a basket in your pantry. If possible, do not keep these snacks where they are visible from your workspace. This may lead to excessive snacking. Keep a mini fridge in your office, so you can keep a better variety of snacks on hand. Below is a list of balanced snack options.

  1. Beef jerky + 1-2 pieces of fruit
  2. Cheese stick + deli meat + carrot sticks
  3. Veggie sticks + hummus + piece of fruit
  4. Bread + deli meat + cheese slice + spinach
  5. Tuna + whole wheat crackers + pickles
  6. Yogurt cup + granola + piece of fruit
  7. Chips + salsa + cheese stick
  8. Protein shake + piece of fruit
  9. Oatmeal cup + ½ scoop protein powder + fresh fruit
  10. Cottage cheese + nuts + piece of fruit
  11. Sargento balanced break snack pack (or any other brand)
  12. Popcorn + deli meat and cheese roll-ups
  13. Protein bar + veggie sticks + hummus
  14. Side salad with hard boiled egg + piece of toast
  15. Piece of fruit + nut butter

Only Eat If You Are Hungry

Before reaching for a snack, ask yourself “how hungry am I really?”. If the answer to this question is, “hungry”, then by all means have a snack. Paying attention to when you become hungry is important because many people tend to gravitate towards food when they are bored or emotional. If you feel yourself wanting food when you are bored or emotional, take a five-minute break, and move your body. If you are still hungry when you come back, have a balanced snack.

Unprepared Snacking

While it is great to be prepared and have snacks available, what happens when you run out and do not have time to go to the grocery store? Your only option may be to pick up something from the fast-food restaurant next door or to swing by the gas station on your way to work. If this happens to you, do not panic. Below is a list of relatively balanced snacks you can find at most fast-food restaurants or gas stations.  

  1. Cheese stick + granola bar with dried fruit
  2. Pretzel & hummus cup + piece of fruit
  3. Grilled or breaded chicken nuggets + apple slices
  4. Side salad + grilled or bread chicken
  5. Cereal cup + milk + fruit
  6. Beef jerky + trail mix with nuts and dried fruit
  7. Popcorn + cheese stick
  8. Applesauce + protein bar
  9. Egg McMuffin + apple slices
  10. Egg burrito + apple slices

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