Will Insurance Cover My Visits with the Dietitian?

All insurance policies (BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United, Medicare/aid, Tenncare, etc.) must cover 100% of at least 3 nutrition counseling visits. Under the ACA guidelines for nutrition counseling as preventive medicine: these sessions have no additional co-pays or charges.

Coverage for additional visits differs for each plan and policy. For example, if you have (pre)diabetes you may qualify for more sessions that are 100% covered.

We can sometimes also squeeze additional free sessions if you are covered for health promotion counseling.

You must check with your provider to find out if you are covered. To do this, call the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card to speak with a representative.

Call your insurance company and ask these 8 questions

  1. Can you explain my benefits for seeing a registered dietitian?
  2. Does this benefit only cover specific conditions â€“ such as diabetes, obesity, etc.? If so, what is included?
  3. Are any diagnoses specifically excluded from my nutrition benefit?
  4. How many visits am I covered for each year?
  5. Do I need a referral? If so, who can make the referral?
  6. Is there a copay to see a registered dietitian nutritionist?
  7. Are preventive services covered? For example, does my plan cover screening or counseling for obesity?
  8. Given my deductible for the year, including co-pays and co-insurance, what will I need to pay out of pocket to see a registered dietitian?

What if I’m not covered?

What if my co-pay is too high?

If you have a flex-spending account (also called a FSA) you can use it to pay for appointments and co-pays. You will still need to check with your FSA to determine your eligibility for nutrition counseling. Your doctor may be required to sign a letter of medical necessity to use these benefits. A copy of that form can be found here.

If you prefer to pay out-of-pocket, our self-pay fee is $140 per session.

If nutrition counseling does not currently work with your budget we offer a completely free online program for anyone who needs nutritional guidance. Click this link to get started.

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